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Smart phones are changing the way of living and helping folks to live an easy life. Android is undoubtedly a leading platform opted for mobile app development. It is the first choice of entrepreneurs as well as app developers also. If you are also an entrepreneur and willing to develop an app then android app development will be the best option which can lead you towards success. For an efficient app you need a prominent Android App Development Company in Oman, which can serve you with a solution of each and every business problem. So, you have reached the right place, Brillmindz is one of the most renowned Android apps Development Company in Oman for serve with the prompt and leading apps. Each our app is having thriving results in their relevant business sectors.  Achieve success in your business with Android Application Development. Brillmindz is renowned as the leading and prompt Android App Development Companies in Oman.


Android app Development experts of Brillmindz have worked for diverse business sectors some of those are listed below


  • Media and entertainment
  • Games
  • Business management
  • Social media
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and finance
  • Life style
  • Travel and tourism
  • Planning: Before developing your app our android app developers work with the marketing team to plan your well as per the requirements which are listed below:
    1. Targeted audience
    2. Objective of android app development
    3. Conditions in which app will be used
    4. Estimated users at a time
    5. Market trends
    6. Either a paid or free apps

Above mentioned facts are highly responsible for making an app successful and it is the only foundation on which further android app development depends. Therefore our development team conducts a thorough study over above-mentioned points and starts developing an efficient app.

  • Type of android app development required:

There are the number of app development categories, and each is having its own importance and advantages. Therefore our android app development experts suggest you the best technology from which you can get the most benefit

  • Native app: It is built in native programming language, which means for Android the app will be built in Java programming language. And it is always live on the screen of the device and can be downloaded from the relevant app store.
  • Hybrid app: It is developed in HTML5 and CSS3 language and can be used on multiple platforms.
  • Mobile web app: These kinds of apps are just a wrap up of a website and are available on a search engine. It serves you with a direct link to an app which you can keep as bookmark on your web browser. The best advantage of such apps is that it requires very less space.

How do we decide one category among above mentioned all?

  1. Either the mobile app is complex and intense
  2. Either the client is targeting single or multiple platforms
  3. Time required to develop the app in each platform and when the app needs to be delivered
  4. Duration in which app needs modifications
  • Approval for an app: Once we get done with the planning then we take approval from the MARC (Mobile Access review Committee) before our android app development expert start developing your app.
  • Development: We develop an effective app by using latest tools and technology. We make sure to develop a bug-free app by going through various testing phases along with the development.

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