Apple asked app developer to upgrade their apps to 64 bits

Apple asked app developer to upgrade their apps to 64 bits

No doubt apple is one of the most preferred and renowned smart devices Development Company. There are a huge number of apps developed and uploaded in the Apple app store. It is because with the iOS app development most of the companies are able to build their brand images and also increase their revenue generation. Apple Company is renowned to serve users with high quality apps and this is because it is having pre-decided mobile app development standards which make it standout among rest.

Now as per the new standard of iOS application development, developers need to update their each iOS app with 64 bits between January-June 2018 to serve users with a better experience. That means now your app will be much faster and excellent performance.

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What is new about 64 bits apps?

Apple company have strictly announced that from January 2018 onwards each iOS apps wills stop supporting apps of 32 bits so as to enhance the user experience and increase performance of app. To do so Apple Company has also asked iOS app developers to enhance their software development kit and also release the Xcode which can give an easier and simplified way to develop an app of 64 bits.

Moreover Apple has launched latest iOS 11.2 version which will be only supporting iOS apps developed on 64 bits.

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Therefore if you are willing to grab a leading position in the iPhone market as an entrepreneur then you must check for the iOS app development companies who are well equipped with the latest version of iOS and also who is familiar with the latest XCodes library so that can develop an app as per the latest iOS apps development standards of Apple company.

This point must be taken into consideration because if you want to be constant in the business sector with an iPhone app then developing an app with 64 bits will rescue you from further app updating.


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