ERP solution in Abu Dhabi

ERP Solution in Abu Dhabi

Each sector of business industry is highly competitive in present technical era, and just creative ideas can’t help you to be the leading brand of relevant sector. Accurate business management also plays an important role in giving you the ladders of success. Both big or small, each business comprises of multiple functional areas and each of them requires equal management to precede your business with a extra potential and efficiency. If you are also an entrepreneur and looking for a tool which can give a leap to your business growth then ERP solutions is the best choice. And if you are striving for the best ERP solution in Abu Dhabi then Brillmindz is the one of the leading brand and can serve you with the best module of ERP solutions based on your business requirements.

Various modules of ERP solution in Abu Dhabi

ERP solution can be the all rounder tool for your business management which can automatically manage your multiple sections, like sales, accounts, human resource and so on. Now you can easily keep an eye on your business from anywhere any time. ERP solution gives you a perfect platform to connect with your employees and customers too. So automate your business management by using ERP software to attain perfection and accuracy in work.

Here is the list of ERP software modules which can transform your business management strategies


Are you stressed of maintaining records of your business assets? Then our experts serve you with the best Fixed & IT Asset Management software. It allows you to track and maintain details about each and every asset, such as buildings, machinery, gears, accessories and various details about it. Of course keeping a track record manually of all such data that too in huge quantity is quite difficult task. FAM allows you to automate this process within few clicks on the software.

It serves you with multiple features making your assets management an easy task for you:

  • Tracking assets using ID codes
  • Tracking barcodes
  • Purchase date
  • Issue date
  • Manufacturer
  • And so on, based on requirements


Human resource is the biggest strength of any organization and if you want a flawless function of your business then you must keep an eye to facilitate your human resource with perfection. With the growth of human resource it becomes a tough task for management to keep record of each and every employee. Human resource management solution serves you with the easiest way to automate your manual task and give better performance.

With the help of this ERP software you can automate several manual task, few of them are listed below:

  • Personal data of employee
  • Details about work section
  • Details as per the designation of each employee
  • Based on work experience
  • Food and accommodation
  • Bonus
  • Work reports (daily/monthly/annually)


Either a big or a small firm, customers are the most important asset of each and every organization. Therefore management of customers is the most important task which must be done precisely. If you are having a huge customer database then customer management may become a bit hectic job for you, but Brillmindz experts are here to solve your issue with the most efficient software. ERP solutions give you the best way to manage your customers and maintain an excellent relationship which each of your targeted customers.

With the help of customer relationship management software you can segregate and manage data of different customers, like as per their purchase, billing amount, type of purchase, and so on.


Property is the best element to generate revenue; it can serve you with high returns. But if you are willing to generate revenue from your property then proper management is mandatory. And if you are having multiple property or you are dealing with the real estate then automating your property management process will be wise choice. If you are willing to automate you process then property management solution, the most effective module of ERP software can be helpful for you. It will assist you to keep records of tenants, rent received, advance payments, pre booking, maintenance, and so on.


Sales and production management plays an important role in your business development. Inventory management solution is the best and the only solution which can assist you to simplify your business management. It is multipurpose software serving you at various level of business management; few of those are listed below:

  • Production
  • Tracking of assets
  • Stock details
  • Ordering and re-ordering details
  • Estimated sales
  • And many more…


Sales bring revenue to your business, but if not tracked properly you may not get expected profit. When you are dealing with big projects then it is important to keep details about each sale with various aspects, like price, discounts, sales, billing amount and so on. To give you a perfect solution Brillimindz serves you with the most effective ERP software to determine your point of sale through various aspects.


Manufacturing a product is not only limited to one team or one section of a business. Multiple levels of businesses are involved to complete the manufacturing of a product with 100% accuracy. But to reach this point of accuracy each and every section of business need to work simultaneously which is sometimes impossible. To bring synchronization among various teams and allow them to work with more efficiency Brillmindz serve you with manufacturing resource planning software, which facilitate you to interact with various levels of your business organization.


Restaurant management seems to be very hectic work along with a huge competition. It is totally customer based business in which hospitality, cuisine, billing, etc. plays a main role to give you success. Restaurant Management System serve you with the easiest way to deal with each kind of management, such as order receive, delivery, billing, mode of billing, raw material requirement and so on. Each task can be monitored by using this single platform.

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