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ERP Solutions

Are you struggling with the business management issue and not able to manage each sector in the way you wish to do it? Then why not take expert solutions. Brillmindz is the one of the leading ERP solution developers which facilitates you with diverse software assisting you in various business management activities. ERP is an integrated solution which allows the user to automate most of the office management works without any paper work. There is a high demand of ERP solutions in Dubai as it is assisting them in various functions either it is associated to technology or human resource management.

Various phases of ERP solutions in Dubai thriving these days among diverse business sectors

There are various phases of ERP software used for handling different functions of the business. The brillmindz team can serve you with customized software based on your business requirements. Below is the list of different categories of ERP solutions in Dubai served by our experts:


FAM stands for Fixed & IT Asset Management, which is the most useful software in huge and well-established firms which are having assets in a huge quantity of machinery, buildings, gears, and equipment. It becomes tough for the management to keep and track record of assets in huge quantity, therefore FAM software assists you to keep a record by tracking barcodes or ID codes for each commodity mentioning its various traits like location, cost, depreciation, maintenance charges, and so on.

It will facilitate with following features:

  • Manufacturer
  • Purchase date
  • Accessories issued to
  • Date of issue
  • Tracking ID
  • And more as per the requirement


HRM (human resource management) is used to simplify the work of human resource department by giving a reliable and effective platform to connect with technology. It makes human resource management an easier task by automating most of the manual task and also standardizes the HRM process.

Human resource management consists of various modules and assists to simplify a number of processes, list of activities which can be simplified using ERP solution are listed below:

  • Employee details:

Human resource management solution facilitates you to keep and manage a number of employee’s details. You can give each and every detail of employee, few of those are listed below:

  1. Date of joining
  2. Personal details
  3. Food and accommodation if provided by company
  4. Salary
  5. Leaves
  6. Work shifts and working hours
  7. And the list continues as per business requirements


  • Daily/monthly/annually reports:

HRM also allows you to track activity and data record of each and every employee.  Either it is passport details or related to daily attendance each data can be stored in HRM software. It allows you to save data like salary, bonus, etc. as per the designation, age, company section and other traits.


Customer relationship management is used to develop and maintain a better relationship between customers and the company. It gives a platform to interact with your entire customers and also maintain a database of each and every customer for further easy access. This is the reason why ERP solution is considered as the best and the most leading tool in Dubai and even throughout the world.

What customer relationship management software can do for you?

  • Assist you in selling products more efficiently
  • Awareness of latest launches
  • 24*7 customer service
  • Targeting new clients
  • Increase revenue generation


It is a big deal to maintain data of each and every property, and it’s about maintaining several details about multiple properties then it becomes a tedious work. Here, Brillmindz serves with the most efficient Property management software especially for real estate.

What kinds of features are provided by the property management software?

  • Keep record of each tenants
  • Records of advance payment and pending ones.
  • Records of pre booking and vacating properties
  • And so on as per requirement


If you are striving to manage the invent level  of sales, production, order receive, delivered products and so on then Inventory management software can assist you to solve this puzzle within your finger tips. It makes an easy way for you to tract the entire procedure, starting from receiving order till successful delivery of products. Brillmindz is the most renowned brand for developing and selling the most efficient and accurate IM solutions all round the globe.

What our software can do for your inventory management?

  • Asset tracking
  • Re-ordering products
  • Quantity of products
  • Taking estimate of sales and so on


If you want to manage data in a huge quantity then Point of sale is the right ERM solution for you. Each and every business solution related to sales, exchanges, trades, returns, gift registries and so on can be done easily using POS software. This software mainly deals with the sales of your business and helps you to increase it as much as possible.

Modules of POS:


  • Sales and return
  • Billing and barcode tracking
  • Automation in cash drawer opening
  • Commodity counting
  • And so on…


POS also help you to generate report of each sale, including bill paid by the customers. It maintain records of each and every payment mode like which are done by cash, credit cards, net banking and also it maintain the records of billing counter the amount was paid.


Manufacturing of a commodity comprises of several phases and multiple development sections. Manufacturing Resource Planning allows you to integrate multiple processes at same platform. It is considered as a total business solution because it not only assist the manufacturing department but also it makes the task easier for human resource management and accounts department too to look into the productivity and revenue generation with a greater impact.

It is used to accomplish various purpose, few of them are listed below:

  • Cost estimation
  • Product demand
  • Production planning
  • Required labor planning
  • Capital flow


Managing a restaurant is not less than a battle with accounting and requirements. To simplify the process of restaurant management Brillmindz serves with the most effective ERP solutions. Your restaurant is working on a small scale or large, RMS is helpful for each and everyone to track record of every single activity required for a flawless restaurant management. It can be used for receiving orders from clients, bill payment, tracking per day or per month sales, and so on.

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