List of popular android mobile apps of Google Play Store in Qatar

List of popular android mobile apps of Google Play Store in Qatar

It is a digitized world where most of the tasks are done through mobile apps. 70% customers of each business domain choose online products/services. As per the current business scenario at least 1000’s of apps are updated in the app store each day. And if we talk about mobile app development platform then android is one of the most preferred one. Most of the entrepreneurs choose android app development to serve their customers and the main reason behind it is huge number of android users across the world. Various kinds of apps are developed and uploaded on the Google play store but only few of those get acceptance from the targeted customers. Are you an entrepreneur and looking to step into the world of mobile apps then you must first understand the trend of android application development industry and market too.

Here is the list of android apps which are thriving in 2018:

In this blog you will find the top android apps which are thriving over the android apps development sector and become a bench mark for their respective domains. So if you are also willing to go ahead with android app development then you can have a look over below listed apps and search the most relevant of your domain and go ahead to come up with something much innovative than the existing one. To develop the most innovative apps you can also take assistance of android app development companies in Dubai as they have assisted countless business with most creative ideas and amazing features. Have a glace over below listed android apps:

  • Weather check:

In 2018 most of the folks are allured from weather apps available in the Google play store. Such apps show you information about current weather and also forecast for further days, maximum 12 weeks. This is used by every second person as it has proven very helpful to plan a day.

  • Password manager:

In present day most of the important and confidential tasks are done and saved in phone using different apps, and also people use to keep each and every app locked by some or another password. But what if you forget any password? Then there is an amazing android app in Google play store which assist you in managing number of passwords and it is done by a master password. Even if you are willing to recover your old password then also this kind of app allows you to do so. There are number of companies who worked for this kind of app and come up with amazing features facilitating their users in password management. And the best part is most of those apps are accepted and appreciated by the users.

  • Online file manager:

In present time smart phones are coming up with huge storage space, but still it is less for the user. Mors the storage capacity more folks are willing to keep their data in phones. But whatever you say, phone has a storage limit. Therefore to expand phone storage, android app development companies introduced online file managers where you can transfer all your data and can access anytime anywhere with the help of internet.

Above mentioned are just few apps which gained high popularity in 2018. There are many more apps apart from these and are actually thriving in the app store. Especially gaming apps and apps connected to GPS are trending these days. In past 3-4 years most of the restaurants also started using mobile apps to serve their customers immediately with home delivery services.


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