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In this fast track world everything is moving at a fast pace. And to match that speed Mobile Apps are proving really helpful. Right from the wake up alarm till ordering a delicious dinner can be accomplished using Mobile Apps. If you are an entrepreneur and looking for a way towards success then Mobile Apps Development is right choice.  Are you striving to grab the right assistance for Mobile App Development Company Dubai? Then you are at right place. Brillmindz  not only serves you with a Mobile Application Development but also assist you to select the right Mobile App Development platform based on your business industry. Brillimindz is renowned as one of the leading brand among Mobile App Development Company in Dubai because of highly skilled team and susceptible towards innovation in Mobile Apps Development industry. Brillmindz is one of the most proficient Mobile App Development Companies Dubai, because we serve our clients with the app incorporate with latest features.

Mobile App Development Platforms


Android Mobile Application Development

Most of the business persons are opting services of Android mobile application Development Companies Dubai and there are countless reasons to do so. Few of those reasons are listed below:

Maximum visibility: An android app development can avail you with maximum visibility among you targeted customers all around the globe. This is an important reason why we as one of the leading mobile application development company in Dubai suggest for android app. As per the statistics, 78% smartphone users are using android phones.

Google play store: Selecting an android app development company in Dubai gives you an easy entry into the targeted market. Because apps deployed in the Google play store get easy and quick approval just in a couple of days as compared to any other play store.

Java: Android app development companies use Java for the development of an android app, which is considered as the most powerful programming language which supports most of the mobile platforms.

iOS Mobile Application Development

IOS is ruling over the market of smart phones, and if you are willing to opt this platform for your mobile app development but confused, there here are few facts about IOS platform which will provide a clear view:

High Security: IOS platform provides a highly secure usage for each and every user. Therefore if you are aiming for an app which needs to maintain confidential data then you are on the right track.

Lesser versions: Like other mobile application development platforms, IOS doesn’t possess a number of versions. Therefore a single version of a mobile app is sufficient to serve each IOS device users.

Revenue generation: Only 30% of smartphone users are using IOS platforms, but still 78% of paid downloads are done by IOS users. Therefore if your objective is revenue generation then IOS is the best choice.


Windows Mobile Application Development

Windows is the first operating system with which most of the users got familiar initially. If it comes to a reliable operating system then most of the entrepreneurs choose windows app development.

Popularity: In terms of popularity windows platform has a record breaking history. It is popular among each age group. Therefore for all those business which are aiming popularity, windows operating system has proven a boon for them.

Features: Windows operating system is not only preferred because of popularity but also because it serves excellent features. Highly efficient features and attractive UI is one of the main reason for which people opt windows platform for mobile app development.

Social media integration: The windows platform serves you with a social media integration facility which avails you to connect with your customers easily via single app on various social media channels.

Mobile app development cycle used by our app developers

Brillmindz is always at your assistance to serve you with the leading mobile app of your relevant business market. To provide an effective end product our mobile app developers follow well defined strategies. Here is the list of phases we use in mobile app development cycle:

  • Pre-planning and research: This one is the most important phase of mobile apps development because it decides the path which you need to cover for a perfect and efficient mobile app. An effective planning can only result in effective end result. Substantial research regarding customer’s needs, market requirements, competitors and so on are required. Our experts perform a thorough brainstorming for the main purpose of your mobile app, targeted audience, platform which should be opted for mobile application development, either to make your app paid or free to install, and so on.
  • Prototype: Once when we are done with the brainstorming, the next step is to obtain clear prototype based on your research.  In this phase basically our experts prepare a user requirement specification which is just a rough sketch of your mobile app.
  • Technical feasibility: Only having a verbal sketching of client’s requirements is not sufficient. Therefore our mobile app development experts check for the feasibility of user requirements, either the back end will support such app functionalities or not.
  • Incorporating agile methodologies in your mobile app development: We opts agile methodologies for mobile app development in dubai, so as to ensure that each unit of mobile app is built with 100% perfection and efficiency. By using such methodologies we are also able to incorporate changes in the developing app.
  • Testing: Development team of Brillmindz technologies ensures the efficiency and productivity of developed by using several phases of testing. Few of our testing stages are listed below, which can provide you a clear preview of your effective app:
  • Unit testing: Test each unit of developing app.
  • Integration testing: Test the developing app after integrating units together.
  • Functional testing: Check for the output of developing mobile app.
  • System Testing: This stage of testing ensures that your developed app is working as per the user requirement specification, by using it as per requirements.
  • End to end testing: This stage of testing gives you a preview how your mobile app will work when it will be deployed in the real world, by using it in each environment.
  • Acceptance testing: It is basically done by the user so as to ensure that the app is standing up to each requirement of targeted customers. The main aim to perform such testing is to know either the app is acceptable by existing market or not.
  • Load, stress and performance testing: These are done to determine how the app will work under heavy load and pressure when multiple users will use it and what will be its performance.
  • Alpha testing: It is done by creating virtual user environment to test how will be the output of app when it will be used in the real world.
  • Beta testing: A beta version of app is made available in the market so that end users can use it. This is the final testing before releasing the application in real world.

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